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  1. Libreng Kit para sa Pagsusuri ng DNA sa Pagka-ama para sa Kapayapaan ng Isip
  2. DNA test habang buntis
  3. Pagsusuri ng DNA sa Pagka-ama para sa Legal na layunin
  4. Pagsusuri ng DNA para sa Imigrasyon
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  • 100% Wastong Pagsusuri ng DNA Lahat ng DNA ay Sinusuri ng Dalawang Beses
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  • Paliwanag ng proseso ng pagsusuri sa pagka-ama
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  • ABO Blood Types can be used to calculate paternity?
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  • Eye colour can be used to determine paternity?
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  • Consent is require to test a person's DNA sample?
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  • DNA can be used to help solve crimes?
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DNA Prenatal Paternity Testing While Pregnant

DDC Philippines can now correctly establish paternity before the baby is born. Utilising highly developed scientific expertise and equipment, DDC’s new prenatal paternity test ensures accurate test results and as it’s a non invasive procedure it’s safer for mother and child. Call today for your free no obligation consultation concerning your situation. Our experts can be contacted on (02) 5462904.

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Prenatal Test Options


NEWLY LAUNCHED : Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test  

The most accurate non-invasive method to determine paternity before the child is born. This complex technique incorporates DNA SNP microarray technology by preserving and analysing the baby's DNA that is found in the mother's blood sample.

  • Rapid testing results.
  • A simple blood collection from the mother & a buccal swab from the alleged father (The child's DNA is found in the mother's blood)
  • This test can be performed from the 9th week of pregnancy and onwards
  • Blood collection facilities available by appointment

Prenatal Test with Amniocentesis or CVS  

Paternity testing can be performed by collecting the unborn child's DNA by a CVS or amniocentesis sample depending on the stage of pregnancy. Both of these sample types are collected by either an Obstetrician or Gynaecologist. These methods can produce accurate paternity results, but it’s essential to discuss any risks associated with a medial professional. Additional questions on this test? Please call (02) 5462904.

Prenatal Test

The Next Step ...

Every case is different and requires expert advice and assistance. To discuss your situation please call our advisors on (02) 5462904 regarding the testing options available to you. The DDC laboratory is fully certified with ISO17025 and AABB as well as a number of other prestigious accreditations.

Speak to our experts in confidence - call: (02) 5462904




Prenatal Test

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test

Call to discuss the Non-Invasive procedure, fees and sample collection appointments.

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   (02) 5462904

Amnio & CVS Prenatal Paternity Test

Call to discuss amnio and CVS fees.

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   (02) 5462904


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